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How To Feel More Comfortable Being Photographed

How To Feel More Comfortable Being Photographed



Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Queensland Wedding, The Lane Bride, Kate Robinson Photography

Lets face it, being photographed isn’t exactly a natural experience (unless you’re a model) but I’m going to share a few insider secrets as a Brisbane Wedding Photographer, and my 4 top tips on how to feel comfortable in front of the camera. You never know… you might actually enjoy yourself!

The first step in feeling more comfortable being photographed is you need to LIKE and TRUST your photographer.

It’s not enough to see pretty pictures on Instagram but have NO CLUE who’s behind producing them. It’s important for me to put my face on social media and especially on my About Page of my website because I want you to know who’s going to show up!

It’s obviously very important to LOVE the photographs that your photographer produces, but in my opinion it’s JUST as important to LOVE the person behind the camera.

Having your photograph taken is a vulnerable thing to do. If your photographer doesn’t put you at ease you’ll end up with awkward images that don’t represent you – or worse, the whole atmosphere of the day can be dictated by a photographers bad vibes and energy.

You need to hire a wedding photographer that will seamlessly slot into your day and fit in with your guests. Get this right and you’ll receive photographs that truly capture the spirit of your wedding.

1. Don’t hire your photographer based on their portfolio of images alone. If you can’t get a good idea of who they are as a person through their social media or website, you’ll need to organise a Skype chat or meeting. So many people make the mistake on hiring a photographer based on their images alone, but in my opinion it’s only half of what you need to be looking for. The other half is you want a person you feel comfortable around.

2. Trust your photographer completely. This so important if you want amazing, natural moments captured on your wedding day. Your chosen photographer needs to blend in with your friends and family, to capture moments as they happen, but also be assertive enough to get family group photographs done quickly.

3. Read the reviews! Take the time to read past client testimonials on the photographers website to figure out if you’ll be a good fit.

4. Try to enjoy being in front of the camera! I love the challenge when brides and grooms tell me they don’t like being photographed. I want to prove that having their photographs taken can be a relaxed and even a fun experience! I especially love it when my grooms thank me at end of the night on the dance floor because they had a great experience, after initially dreading their photo being taken.

Now I ‘d love to hear from you. What’s your main hesitation when choosing your photographer? Did you find these tips helpful? Leave me a comment below, seriously it will make my day. x

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