Things to keep in mind when you choose your photographer…

Dec 4

Things to keep in mind when you choose your photographer…

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What is the first thing you look for when you search for a wedding photographer? Great photographs? Of course! It’s obviously very important to LOVE the photographs that your photographer produces, but I think it’s just as important to LOVE the person behind the camera too.

When you choose your wedding photographer, it is SO important to know who will be capturing your day. Could they easily fit in with your friends? Your photographer will be around you for most of your wedding day, so it’s really important to feel comfortable around them.

You need to trust your photographer. You should be able to get a feel of the type of person they are from their website. Read their blog, and client testimonials. Brides and grooms tend to reflect the mood of their photographer (especially during the portrait session) and it’s usually easy to tell from the expressions of people on their website or blog. If you can’t get a good idea of the photographers personality from their website, it’s a good idea to meet them for coffee, or organise a phone call/Facetime.

Trusting your photographer completely is so important if you want amazing, natural moments captured on your wedding day. You want your chosen photographer to blend in with your friends and family, to capture moments as they happen, but also be assertive enough to get family group photographs done quickly.

I believe a wedding ceremony is a sacred occasion, not a photo shoot. I don’t think any part of a wedding day should be a huge drawn out photo session, which is one reason I love to photograph the bride and groom before the ceremony.

What do you look for when you choose a photographer? I’d love to hear your thoughts! xx

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