Should you have an engagement shoot?

Apr 15

Should you have an engagement shoot?

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I love engagement shoots, and I’ll always encourage my couples to have one! This is a great opportunity to get photographs before your big day, just the two of you in a location of your choice. The shoot is always very relaxed, lasts around an hour, and I always make sure you have lots of fun together!

Here’s 3 reasons you should consider an engagement shoot.

1) Having an engagement shoot gives you a chance to be photographed in non-wedding clothes.

Duh. Seems obvious.. Your wedding day photographs are an amazing record to have and of course very essential, although not really a true representation of you both as an everyday couple.

2) It gives you the opportunity to be totally creative because none of the wedding day time pressure is there.

You could have your photos somewhere unexpected like your home, or your local cafe. It’s great to have photographs somewhere completely different to where you are having them on the wedding day. Think of something/somewhere that represents you as a couple or has meaning to you both.

3) This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to connect with your photographer and get to know exactly what to expect from your big day.

The last thing you want to worry about is the photographs! This is especially great for the guys, so they know there is nothing to be nervous about. Relaxed Bride & Groom = Better photographs :)

If you’re interested in having an engagement shoot, I’d love to chat more – you can send me an email here.

PS: If you’re wondering what to wear for your engagement shoot, I’ve written another blog post all about that HERE. x

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