5 tips on what to wear for engagement photos.

5 tips on what to wear for engagement photos.



1) Don’t be afraid of colour!

I love it when my couples wear colour to their engagement sessions. Even a little bit of colour in your outfit can give the images a lift. Don’t you love Jess’ blue shoes?!

2) You don’t have to match.

I remember when I was little, Mum would make us all wear matching outfits (white tee’s and jeans anyone?) for family photos. Just make sure that you are wearing a combination of large scale patterns and small scale patterns.

3) Consider a manicure.

I will most likely be taking photographs on that gorgeous rock on your left hand, so it’s a great excuse for a manicure!

4) Decide on what sort of look (casual/dressy etc.) you want to go for in advance.

Lot of my couples have an outfit change in between our shoot, which is great! It’s a good way to vary your images, to have a mix of dressy and casual. Always go with what you are most comfortable with, but turn it up a notch! You want to feel confident and fabulous on your shoot and not be worrying about your outfit at all, so wear something you love, not something you don’t normally wear and will end up feel awkward in.

5) Consider wearing heels or wedges.

I am guilty of having a closet full of heels, and sadly many of them don’t see the light of day! I am always more comfortable in flats, but even if you don’t normally wear heels you might want to consider wearing them for part of the shoot as not only do they make your legs look amazing, it’s a great excuse to get them out if you don’t normally wear them! Just make sure you bring flats to wear for walking between locations.

Lastly, here are a few things to AVOID!

-Don’t wear anything with bold writing, or big noticeable logos. Your photos are about you, not your clothes.

-Try to wear things that are relatively classic, you don’t want to look back at your photos and cringe! 

That’s it! I hope these tips have helped you when choosing what to wear for photographs! I know it can be daunting, but the most important thing is to feel comfortable, beautiful and relaxed. Your photographs will reflect it! xx

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