Rain On Your Wedding Day

Oct 31

Rain On Your Wedding Day

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When I began my wedding photography career (nearly 9 years ago!) I remember I was photographing a friends wedding and the forecast was for rain. I naively told the bride, ‘oh don’t worry, it won’t rain all day – we’ll be fine!’ And guess what, it rained alll day. Needless to say, I don’t tell brides that little gem anymore!

However I don’t think you need to worry about rain on your wedding day. I’ve photographed plenty of rainy wedding days, and they have always turned out totally fine! Here’s why.

1. You can’t control the weather – so why worry about it? I know it’s easier said than done, and if you’ve had your heart set on a sunny wedding day it might be a little devastating, but I think it’s wise to have plan b’s (and c’s!) for most aspects of your wedding day. For example, loose curls might not be the most practical if it’s extremely humid or really windy.

2. Be organised. Although you can’t control the weather, you can be prepared with umbrellas (a selection of clear, white, or black ones are your best bet, stay away from anything brightly coloured or with logos). Make sure you have a look around your wedding location for some wet weather options. I will always scout the wedding location and surrounding areas to sort out photography options for every possible weather outcome. Tree cover can sometimes give good shelter, but if it’s truly pelting down, look for pretty buildings, covered decks or verandas, or even B&B’s or hotels. The main point here is to have shelter, but still great natural (if possible!) light.

3. Photographers usually don’t mind a little rain! In fact, subdued light is lovely and less harsh than shooting in bright sunlight.

4. Rain on your wedding day always makes for a fun experience! You may be reading this and thinking, ‘yeah right’, but honestly rain on your wedding day can be fun!

5. Check your attitude. The most important reason for your wedding day is to be married to the love of your life! Even if it’s pouring rain the whole day, you will still get to do that and it’s exciting! I think if you choose to focus on what matters, the weather on the day becomes less important.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. How would you feel if it rained on your wedding day? Or if you’re married, did it rain and how did everything turn out?! I’d love to hear your thoughts. x

See more of Elissa & Lane’s beautiful rainy wedding day (pictured above) here.

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