Amanda & Nick

Fountain Gardens Tauranga, NZ

We did not want anything cheesy and staged because that tends to be what you get at your wedding. We wanted it to look natural and capture the essence of our entire day. As soon as I saw Kate's website I knew she was who we wanted. Her photos were natural, with warmth to them that made them seem so perfect. Kate never made me feel nervous or silly, even though I had no idea what to do. She took a real interest in our wedding and it felt like a friend was taking the photos. Everyone was always laughing and the whole photo experience made the wedding so much more enjoyable. People always compliment me on how the photos look like they have come out of a magazine and how they are different from anything else they have seen.


Amy & Shane

Yering Station Yarra Valley, Melbourne

We worried that we wouldn't gel with our photographer, that they would make us do all those awkward cheesy candid shots, that our lack of photogenic talents would be obvious, that our photographer wouldn't capture the fun and spirit of the day or, worse, would miss all the critical moments. This last concern was really important, as we had decided not to have a videographer. We had a really tight schedule for photos on the day (only an hour), and we were really concerned that any photographer would perhaps control the day and intrude and annoy our guests so as to get the job done (it happens all too often!). But Kate was nothing like this! She was simply fabulous and we couldn't have been happier with the results.

The thing I liked best about working with Kate was her proficiency before, on and after the day. She was completely self-sufficient, organised, non-intrusive and so pleasant on the day. While we were off frantically getting ready and enjoying ourselves on the day, Kate was working hard behind the scenes taking shots and capturing all the moments without any need of direction from us. It was such a load off. She had it all covered. A couple of weeks before the wedding she sent us a personal card and little reminder to have a date-night. Within a couple of weeks of our day, she sent us all our photos in the most beautiful way possible (I won't spoil it for you as it was such an amazing surprise).

We would absolutely recommend Kate! Her work is stunning, she captures all the details of your day that you've worked so hard to put together and she is nothing short of professional and pleasant every step of the way. That's just Kate. I think every couple enjoy looking at their wedding photos. But just when I suspect that I'm a little biased about how much I love our wedding photos, we receive comments from guests and those that couldn't make it that makes me think it's not just us. It's Kate. It's her work. We really couldn't thank Kate enough for the eternal gift she has given us. So, so, so happy.


Lisa & Jono

Private Property
Hawkes Bay, NZ

It was so important to us to find someone who we felt comfortable with and who appreciated how important our wedding day meant to us. We wanted someone who listened to our ideas, but also offered their own and made suggestions. My husband Jono doesn't like to pose for photos, so we were after those candid shots, but also someone who could make the entire process feel easy and comfortable.

From the moment we saw Kate's video on her website, we knew she was the one to capture our special day. They say, with weddings, so often you just get a feeling about things, the dress, the venue etc. and in this case Kate just felt like such a perfect fit for our day. We adored her style, the way she used such gorgeous light and it was also so apparent to us how comfortable and happy all the couples she had photographed looked in their pictures. Kate has such a beautiful interest in love and weddings and each couples' story, she was such a lovely and special addition to our wedding day.

Nothing was too much trouble. The entire process was so relaxed and easy. Kate goes the extra mile with everything she does. . Having Kate at our wedding felt like having a special friend there. She shared in our excitement and made the entire day that much more enjoyable.

We have the most stunning set of photographs to remember our day. We are often asked who are photographer was and are fortunate to have been able to pass on Kate's details to two friends now, both of which have had her at their special day and were equally thrilled with their choice. Kate's style and approach beautifully mirrored what we had set out to achieve in terms of styling for our wedding and we are beyond thrilled with the work she did and the stunning end result.

Yes, yes, yes we absolutely recommend Kate in a heartbeat! We have absolutely no hesitations whatsoever. Kate is beyond amazing and there is no one else I would have had to capture what was such a special day.

Kate's presentation floored me! She is an absolute professional with such a gorgeous eye for detail. I cried when our photo's arrived complete with bottle of bubbles and a few other special extras that made us really feel like we had struck gold when we stumbled across Kate's name when searching for a photographer. I am desperately trying to think of another occasion I can get Kate to photograph, as working with her was such a dream and as a result we have the most beautiful memories.


Deborah & Cameron

Private Property
Auckland, NZ

Our initial hesitations were that the photographer/s weren't going to be pretentious and were going to be easy going on the day. We found a few photographers seemed more interested in themselves and their portfolio by their initial questioning.

Deb had been following Kate's work for a couple years prior, so we knew that if Kate was available for our wedding that we would have preferred her. So obviously her portfolio of work helped us choose her we preferred Kate’s style. Also, her email correspondence was warm and friendly, and we could tell she genuinely wanted the best outcome for us on our day.

Kate was friendly, really positive and encouraging and found great locations for shoots. She turned around the photos really fast, while still delivering high quality shots. We were able to organise everything via email, from the other side of the world. We now have amazing photos that we'll treasure forever. Thanks Kate!


Emily & Phil

The Red Barn
Cambridge, NZ

As soon as I saw Kate's stall at a wedding expo in Auckland I knew she was the photographer I wanted! I loved the style of everything she had put together for display and her photos were absolutely amazing, every one of her clients looked incredible, I thought she had really captured the love and emotion of each wedding day in her photos.

Kate was fun! We had a big bridal party, which were heaps of fun. Kate was so good at making everyone feel comfortable and at ease with having their photo taken.

We love our wedding photos! And our Queensberry album too. We have photos that we are going to be able to look back on and cherish forever and show our grandchildren :)

It is so important to have a good wedding photographer, a wedding day is not something that you can get back and do over no matter how much you want to have the day again! We are so happy with our choice of wedding photographer and wouldn't change a thing :)


Erin & Will

Heide Museum of Modern Art

After a lot of research, I decided that Kate was the right photographer for us because I loved her romantic style and natural staging of the photos. I also loved her blog and our ethos is very much the same.

She was very happy and excited and made the whole day as relaxed as possible for us. It didn't feel like a chore to have to take photos. We now have some amazing photos of our day which we will be able to keep for the rest of our lives and share with our friends and family and all the future Chancellor generations!

If you're looking for a photographer who is really easy to deal with, understands who to capture the once-in-a-lifetime shots and how to create a romantic mood. Kate has been brilliant, even more than 6 months after our wedding she's still in contact with us, and it hasn't felt like a transaction, it's felt like a relationship.


Jenna & Michael

The Wharf
Auckland, NZ

Our hesitations when choosing our photographer were that they wouldn’t take time to get to "know us" and therefore what we liked, our style, etc. The photos would be too staged or over styled. That the photographer would be allocated closer to the time so we would be chosing our photographer based on the company, rather than the actual photographer that we would spend our day with.

We had already met with a few photographers before contacting Kate. They were all fine, but we didn’t really walk away thinking, "WOW, that HAS to be our photographer". After contacting Kate to arrange an initial meeting I already loved looking through Kate's website and reading her blog, etc. so was super excited to meet her. My now-husband was a little hesitant as some of the package costs were a bit higher than other photographers we had already met with, but he agreed to meet her anyway. The meeting was awesome! Unlike the other photographers we had met with, we actually did most of the talking I think! Kate was interested in learning about us, as a couple, and what we wanted on our big day - rather than just showing us what she had done in the past. So, after meeting Kate, we were sold straight away! My husband spent the car ride back home making fun of me because he said I couldn’t stop smiling! Kate got us SO excited about our day, where as other photographers we met with, we felt like one of many.

Kate made the whole process so easy! After confirming with Kate, everything just flowed from there - she had it all under control. One of the things that was really important to us was that everything felt so natural. My husband hates (HATES!) getting his photo taken. Kate made him feel totally at ease and we also did an Engagement Shoot about 6 months before the wedding which took away his nerves for the wedding day, and meant that we got to spend a bit more time with Kate before the wedding day as well. On the day, Kate was so easy and fun to have around. All of the photos (both engagement and wedding) were all exactly what we wanted - really natural and pretty. Half of the photos Kate took, I don’t even know where she was hiding... but she managed to sneak in and capture some truly special moments.

It was also amazing to receive the little cards and bits and pieces from Kate in the lead up to the wedding. They were all so sweet and it meant so much to us to know that she was thinking of us. When we received all of our photos after our wedding, it was amazing. I may have cried a little bit (a lot). Such a sweet surprise to receive everything (so quickly too!) and all so beautifully presented! What a gem.

Kate managed to capture and freeze in time so much of the day that just whizzed past! So many wonderful memories that we will remember forever! We are so happy that we chose Kate! We recommend her to pretty much anyone and everyone we know that is engaged!! Kate will be photographing one of our friend’s weddings soon and I’m really looking forward to seeing her again!


Taryn & Ben

Private Estate
Taupo, NZ

We wanted someone who would suit our style and the style of our wedding. We had seen her work and she was recommended by a friend of ours, who was a bridesmaid at a wedding Kate had photographed.

The best thing about working with Kate was lots of contact, treats in the mail, she was so easy to deal with and lovely to have around on the day of the wedding!

We have beautiful photos to treasure forever, and would definitely recommend Kate to our friends.


Jennifer & Thomas

Private Property
Queenstown, NZ

The price was a huge factor in choosing a photographer. Kate's package prices were easy to understand and great quality. Kate is so lovely and made our day fun and exciting and didn’t ever pressure us into any poses that weren't us.

Everyone has commented on our photos as they are so awesome and I love reminiscing every day by looking at our photos throughout our house.

I vote that you use Kate Robinson as your photographer as you will love what she can do with her amazing skills and you will treasure your photographs forever.


Jenny & Jono

Ruth Pretty
Wellington, NZ

I looked at many photographers in an effort to find someone with the right visual style. We also wanted to find the right person that we wanted to have around on the wedding day with our friends and family.

We chose Kate because we liked her visual style and could tell from her images that she had a natural talent for great photography. The best thing about working with Kate was she captured all the right moments and was able to represent how we felt about the day.


Jess & James

Waiheke, New Zealand

To us, a wedding photographer is probably the most important person a couple can hire for their wedding day. Once the day is over, your photos are what reminds you of what a special time it was and all the little details of the day that might slip your mind, for years to come. We chose to have Kate as our wedding photographer based from her gorgeous photography style. She captures weddings and the day's moments beautifully. As we got to know Kate leading up to the day, we were so pleased with our choice. She was excited, enthusiastic and really keen to discuss all of the thoughts we had for the day and gave us so many great suggestions. On the day, she was amazing. She captured every moment perfectly while still managing to just float around in the background. She was great to be around and made our photography session really fun. Of all of the aspects of our wedding that I would recommend to people, having Kate as their wedding photographer is definitely number one. I highly recommend Kate Robinson to my friends. She is incredibly talented, fun, easy going and was the perfect person to have capture our day.


Charlotte & Edward

Kare Kare Beach, NZ

I've just been looking through our wedding album again, it is absolutely beautiful, THANK YOU!! I have been most impressed with the speed and efficiency with which you have been getting things to us. Everyone I show our wedding photographs to is absolutely blown away by your work!