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Jo & Tim | 5 Minute Engagement Portraits

Jo & Tim | 5 Minute Engagement Portraits



I had only ‘met’ Jo and Tim on Skype before I photographed their wedding in New Zealand as they live in London, and I was in Melbourne at the time. It was lovely to meet with them properly in NZ the week before their wedding, and do a little mini-engagement shoot! Literally, these would have all been taken in the space of 5 minutes, and it made me more excited for their wedding seeing how loved up these two are! You can see their wedding here. x

Kate Robinson Photography Kate Robinson Photography Kate Robinson Photography Kate Robinson Photography Kate Robinson Photography


  1. Terrie says:

    BEAUTIFUL. Every letter if that very word is reflected all over your work. I can’t even describe how engulfed I am by your work because there’s just so much to it. Every picture is so wonderfully and professionally taken and I haven’t even seen more than half of them! [But believe me, just give me an hour and I will for sure].
    Your pictures are the kind of things that make me look forward to marriage; and I don’t even like weddings! They make me believe even more how beautiful life truly is in each and every single way.
    Lets just say that I feel like my eyes have opened for the first time.

    ALL THAT, Is because I looked at a single folder of your photography. And that, says a lot.
    Currently, I’m underaged so that gives me enough time to hunt for a mate and come looking for you!

    Please keep doing what you’re doing, it’s obviously bringing happiness to not only whom you’re taking but people like me. :)

    Loved it A L L !

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