Gratefulness and taking the leap.

Gratefulness and taking the leap.




I made this little wall banner (inspired by Lara Casey), and hung it in our kitchen right by the stove so I can see it and add to it every day. I find it all too easy to focus on everything I don’t have, rather than focusing on how incredibly blessed we actually are. I was having a little pity party in my mind the other day, about something I don’t even remember now, and as I was walking and thinking all these negative thoughts, I walked past a van that was waiting to pick up a child that was severally disabled. The timing of that moment was incredible. I was immediately brought back to earth, and back to reality. Blinking back tears, I knew it was a reminder. I’m incredibly grateful for so many things in my life, but sometimes it’s easy to only focus on the negative thoughts and let them take over. These limiting beliefs and thoughts are so destructive, and limit me from actually living a wholehearted full life. It’s so easy to live life completely on our own, it’s easy to keep people at arms length, to not let anyone in, to not have time for anyone else. Yesterday, I talked to my elderly neighbor for over half an hour about life and some of the incredibly hard experiences that he has been through. Just talking to him, was yet another reminder of how blessed we are…and another reminder to get out of my own head, and to not be afraid of anything other than superficial conversation. I want to be committed to honesty, vulnerability, listening more, talking less, and practicing gratitude every day! Who is with me?! xx


  1. Ruth Eldridge says:

    What a beautiful idea…I’m going to copy! (Not copyrighted, is it?!)
    I’m grateful for genuine, kind-hearted close friends… like my friend Kate. ;-) xxx

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