1) Don’t be afraid of colour! I love it when my couples wear colour to their engagement sessions. Even a little bit of colour in your outfit can give the images a lift. Don’t you love Jess’ blue shoes?!   2) You don’t have to match. I remember when I was little, Mum would make […]

This past winter, I wanted to challenge myself photographically. I wanted to photograph couples in real life situations, simple everyday things like snuggling on the couch or buying fruit at a farmers market. I was so excited to spend some more time with the lovely Will and Erin, who’s wedding I photographed in November last […]

I had so much fun with this gorgeous couple, I’m so excited for their wedding in November at┬áLeonda by the Yarra! Caroline was in the bridal party of one of the very first weddings I ever shot in Melbourne, so it was lovely to see her again! I was blessed to capture a few memories […]

Here’s a little peek from my weekend. Melbourne has welcomed Spring with open arms! In the past couple of weeks the weather has warmed, the air is smelling sweet with blossoms and jasmine flowers…..ahhh it’s so lovely. I’m completely ready for a bit of warmth after what has felt like a long bleak winter! I […]

This winter, I wanted to challenge myself creatively. I wanted to photograph lots of different couples, to challenge the usual way I do things and to generally mix things up a bit! I started with my ‘Lets Stay Together‘ project, which I’m still doing. My aim for┬áthe project is to portray other couples having fun […]