My Big Scary Idea…and how you can help!

If you figure something out that has helped you succeed in your life, do you think it’s wise to keep it to yourself? I don’t.

In fact, I think this world would be a better place if more people shared their stories, shared their failings, and shared their successes with others. It would feel less lonely and isolating, more positive, loved up and fulfilled.

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Queensberry Albums | New Packaging!

I get very excited about beautiful design and packaging. It may be to do with my Graphic Design background, but I love it when a brand really steps it up with how they package their products. I was recently excited to discover my favourite album company, Queensberry, have updated the design of the boxes and packaging for their handmade albums to live inside.

When my couples choose to invest in a beautiful album that tells the story of their wedding day (I’m grateful around 80 percent do), it is usually their first family heirloom! I absolutely love providing what I believe, to be the finest heirloom quality albums available to my brides and grooms. My hope is that these beautiful albums will be treasured, and eventually passed on through many family generations! In this era of digital everything, there is something so special about an album. It never needs a software update, and you don’t need charged batteries to admire it. An album is a gorgeous, tangible addition to your wedding that is truly capable of telling the story of your day, in the most beautiful way.


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For Photographers | Turnaround Weddings In Under A Week

2013 Shay Cochrane

I LOVE my job (can I even call it that?) as a wedding photographer. However, many people don’t realise the huge amount of computer time required, after the wedding has been photographed. I’m embarrassed to admit, before I had systems to streamline my wedding post-production, I’d leave my un-edited weddings sitting on hard drives for weeks! I’d photograph more weddings in between, and suddenly be left with 5 weddings to edit – which was super overwhelming! Working this way not only stressed me out, but was completely unprofessional, unfair to my couples, and ultimately not the way I wanted to be running my business.

I had tried a few workflow systems in the past, but just last year I have found a system that works for me. I can completely finish my wedding post production (including an album design) in less than a week, my office hours are generally 9am – 6pm. My couples get their images faster, I usually have at least one day off, which leaves me recharged creatively, ready to give my absolute best to the next couple I am blessed to photograph.

Here’s how I do it (based on a Saturday wedding):


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