White Lily Couture at Tetto Rooftop Bar

White Lily Couture at Tetto Rooftop Bar



I loved this collaboration with Brisbane based Wedding Dress Shop White Lily Couture, photographed at the beautiful Italian inspired bar in Everton Park, Tetto Rooftop Bar.

This shoot was featured on The Brides Tree – the words below are from the feature – ‘An Open Letter To Bridesmaids’ written by Verity Dwan.

As adults, we often fail to remind our friends how much we love them. That is aside from the obligatory Instagram collage on their birthday of course. So, asking your friend to be your bridesmaid is an incredibly clear message of love and commitment.

A marriage proposal is a romantic gesture where you ask the love of your life to spend forever with you, and equally so, asking your best gal pal to be your maid of honour or bridesmaid is in many ways a declaration of friendship.

Not only are the girls standing by your side going to be her strength and sanity on the special day, to many brides they are also the backbone and support whilst planning and preparing.

Above all, remember how much fun this day is going to be for all of you. As her bridesmaids, you can let your heart be full in the knowledge that you are one of her treasured few. The bride may have her rock, but more importantly, she’ll always need her flock.


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