Sydney – Mini Break

Last week, Sam and I spent 2 days in Sydney. It was a completely unplanned trip. Sam let me know the week before through an exciting text. He had just received an email letting him know he had been one of 20 PHD students around Australia chosen (!…bragging wife alert…!) to pitch his science research from his PHD project at the Bright Sparks Pitch night, as part of the Amplify Business Festival next Month! He needed to go to Sydney for the media training, so I tagged along for the ride… Day One: I got lost (happily) in the streets of Paddington and Woollahra. To be honest, I could have wandered around there aimlessly all day! I was so pleased to have stumbled upon Les Nereides in Paddington. I had no idea that this gorgeous jewellery brand had a store in Australia! I was introduced to this beautiful brand at Amy & Shane’s wedding, where Amy wore a beautiful pair of their earrings. Do you like the pair I purchased below? I’m pretty obsessed, I have to say. Loved the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. There were deck chairs to sit in the sun, and the library across the road had donated a box of books for people to read in the gardens! Such an amazing development of this historic place. Speaking of books…I walked past this and couldn’t resist taking a photo, so cute! Day 2: We had breakfast at Bird and Bear Boathouse on Elizabeth Marina. Delicious breakfast, sun on our backs and an amazing view…what more could you want?!! I met up with this lovely lady Rachael McMahon, who was over from Auckland for a few days doing the same as me – tagging along with her husband who was in Sydney for work. I absolutely loved hanging out with Rachael, go check out her amazing lifestyle blog Made From Scratch here. We met at the incredible Donna Hay shop first, then had coffee and the best coconut bread in the world, at Bills. I should have taken the photo on the right about half and hour later, because Bill Granger himself (long time fan, can you tell?!) sat on the table opposite us! More shopping… + wandering. Bondi Beach! My first time here. It looks warm, but it really wasn’t! There was a super chilly breeze, enough to make your eyes water, so we didn’t stay too long. That’s it from Sydney! What a gorgeous place, and to go during the week was so nice. I loved it, and hope to return soon! Do you have any Sydney loves or recommendations for next time? I’d love to know. Kate xx  

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