Skyline Farmhouse Wedding Scenic Rim

May 16

Skyline Farmhouse Scenic Rim Wedding

Skyline Farmhouse Wedding Scenic Rim

My Journal

Skyline Farmhouse is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding in the Scenic Rim, a short drive from Brisbane.

Two unlucky in love, Brisvegas 30-somethings (almost for Kate anyway) found each other in the chilly Melbourne alleyway for a Vietnamese “feed me” special.

After one too many delays in Melbourne traffic, they returned home to Brisbane and I was blessed to capture their beautiful elopement style wedding at Skyline Farmhouse in the Scenic Rim.

Kate wore an reimagined version her Mum’s wedding dress which was so special.

Their long weekend was with close family, great food, fresh air and lots of love.

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Venue – Skyline Farmhouse

Celebrant – I am Celebrant Sam

Catering – Blume Restaurant

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