Liv & Vic – Gold Coast Beach Engagement

Liv & Vic – Gold Coast Beach Engagement



I absolutely LOVE hearing proposal stories! If you’re into that too… here’s Liv and Vic’s:

“We got engaged outside the lodge in the Japanese ski town where we first kissed, 3 years ago to the day. Took at least half an hour to get me out of the house “to go for a walk to the restaurant I used to work at” in minus 10 degree temperatures with wet hair, but we got there in the end! Celebrated with Okonomiyaki and too much Sake.”

I met with Liv and Vic on the Gold Coast near where they live to take photographs at the beach! Fun fact: Liv is from New Zealand, and went to the same girls high school as me. Such a small world!

After the beach shoot, I headed back to their newly built property to take a couple of photographs with their adorable puppy Charlie! I really love taking photos of my couples in their home environments as well, so I jumped at the chance! Congratulations Liv and Vic, you guys are the cutest. xx


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