Life is busy between work, managing the house and kids. You used to have a lot of fun together as a couple but these days it’s more of a daily routine of running the family, and weekends are usually jammed packed.

At the end of a long day you are both tired and need time to yourselves, or if you sit down to watch a movie together chances are one of you will fall asleep or get distracted and end up on your phone.

Like all relationships you sometimes argue (but more frequently lately), your busy lives mean you are sometimes living like ships in the night, almost like housemates, and if you actually get around to spending some one on one time together it’s spent talking about the kids or all the life admin stuff you never get around to discussing.

It’s been this way for months and it’s become the new normal. Your arguments tend to elevate quicker and with more intensity these days and while you acknowledge that you need to do more to improve your relationship, once it blows over you just go back to existing like before.

"we're like ships in the night..."

sound familiar?

- Have meaningful conversations easily and often

- Have shared goals and be excited to work towards them together

- Have genuine fun with each other again

- Be excited about your future together.

what if there was a simple  solution (you could do from home) to bring back the joy?

Guess what?

A weekly online program for busy couples who want to be intentional about enjoying their relationship


How it Works

A mini workshop style presentation from Kate introducing the months topic, and practical tools you can use straight away.

mini workshop

Questions designed to encourage deeper conversation. Skip the small talk, and get real!


Every month we have a new expert (Counsellors, Psychologists, Therapists etc.) teach a Masterclass or have a Q&A on the months topic.

tlc questions

week one

Every month inside TLC we focus on a different topic. Communication, Sex, Money, Conflict, Parenting, Joy, Teamwork... to name a few

You'll decide on a day and time to commit 30 minutes each week to do TLC together

Login to the member hub from your computer or app on your phone

Make sure you're in your comfies, crack open your favourite beverage, settle down on the couch, and enjoy TLC time together!

week two

week three

A fun challenge to put into practice what we're learning that month


week four

Each month:


"My fiancé and I have really enjoyed discussing the topics covered in TLC. It's helped us understand each other better. The lessons are beautifully presented and easy to access on the go from the app. We feel prepared to take on any challenges that come our way, and we love having lifetime access so we can revisit the topics in the future as our lives change together. It's an absolutely amazing resource! Thank you Kate." 

TLC helped us understand each other better


the reviews

a peek inside the love club


"My partner and I know we are a team but often life gets in the way and our relationship comes last. 

I want a marriage with my best friend and for us to be a strong couple...always! The Love Club has been really essential to my growth in our relationship, the biggest heartfelt thank you!"

TLC opened a door for us to have more in-depth conversations

the reviews

I love living in beautiful sunny Brisbane Australia, eat way too much dark chocolate and believe coffee is always better with a double shot.

I created The Love Club for busy couples just like you - you're running around doing all the things... and at the end of a long day you collapse on the couch, and your partner gets the leftovers.
Listen, there is no magic wand anyone can wave to make your relationship better, there's no '3 simple steps', no secrets or quick fixes - the truth is it takes perseverance, time, intention and patience.

The Love Club gives you the simple tools to get intentional about prioritising your relationship, so you can bring back the joy in your relationship and be excited for your future again.

hey there!

I’m Kate.

I'm a wife to sam, mum to Ava & Tom, photographer & HEART CENTRED entrepreneur. 



12 MONTHs -best value

Ready to Begin?

I'm so excited for you!









frequently asked

Yes! You have immediate access to The Love Club Method trainings as soon as you enrol. You then set the pace you wish to work through them at. There’s no falling behind! Plus, you have access to the masterclasses, challenges and community.

I suggest setting aside 1 hour a week to go through the trainings. And because the TLC Method Course Program will spark deep conversation, some trainings will take longer than others, but generally the TLC Method will take around 6-8 weeks.

Quite honestly - YES you can join by yourself. TLC Method will work best if your partner is also on board to learn, but these tools can be implemented individually to equip yourself, and then be shared to your partner.

The 4 Modules in The Love Club Method (30+ videos) detail the exact steps we used to get amazing results, along with my members in TLC already including Sophie & Whetu, Laura & Fox, Brad & Josey and I want that for you too! 
Obviously every couple is different and I can't guarantee the same results for everyone. But I truly believe you will never regret investing in your relationship. If you're ready to have a method that will help make your relationship better than ever, this is for you!

I believe improving and enriching our relationship is a LIFELONG journey. 

I know that when I'm 80, I'll look back on my life and my relationships will be the most important. Not my career. Your husband (or wife) is hopefully your longest relationship you will have - why not invest in making it the best it can be?

TLC is not meant to replace the professional advice of therapy or counselling. However, it can be a great first step - something to start the process in an easy, non-threatening way. You can work through TLC Method from the comfort of your home, start to implement the tools and strategies to see results.

As long as you're in a committed relationship, this is for you!

- sophie & whetu

"TLC really helped us to resolve conflict easier within our relationship. We  now have communication skills that have helped our relationship feel calmer and more exciting. It's so nice having a resource to keep our relationship healthy and strong."

TLC helped us resolve conflict easier

the reviews

Yep, I'm in

TLC will take 30 minutes a week. I think if we're honest, most of us can find a spare 30 minutes.

Now this might be deep, but what's going to matter when you're 80? I know that when I'm 80, I'll want to look back on my life and know that I prioritised my relationships and invested into making them the best they can be.

I'm not going to look back and think I should have worked more hours, or watched more TV.

Your partner is hopefully your longest relationship you will have in your lifetime - why start today  in making it the best it can be?

This sounds great but I just don't have the time right now. 

you might be thinking...

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