How to save money

How to save money



💰Let’s talk about money.💰⠀

Saving it, more specifically. ⠀

Whether you’re saving for your wedding, your first home, a new car or a holiday… I wanted to share how we’re saving our pennies for our first home, and to not feel completely deprived and depressed while doing so.⠀


At the start of each week, I get out $180 cash and that is all I will spend for groceries (for us that is 2 adults and 2 kids). If I have left over at the end of the week, I put it into a jar in our kitchen and that money will be for our date nights, coffees or lunches out.⠀

We realised a huge portion of $ was going towards food, so we really tried to crack down on this. It’s so much harder handing over cold hard cash, rather than a quick tap of your card. Takeaway coffees get SO expensive! Where I can, I make my own, or I use the cash to buy one.⠀

⠀2 – BUY 2ND-HAND.

Utilise the second hand economy! My local op shop does all clothes for $1 every Tuesday. It’s rummage style, so you need to be in the mood for it – but this has saved us so much money! I have scored some amazing brands this way, for our whole family – and some of the clothes are barely used or still have the price tags on. Facebook marketplace is also a great resource.⠀


I have been inspired by @sugarmammatv and have sold a huge amount of things that were gathering dust in the cupboard. ⠀


Some of our best dates have been bush walks, or grabbing gelato and eating it by the sea. We only go to the movies when it’s $6 cheap Mondays.⠀

Being frugal and saving money only works for me if I have a goal to set my sights on. I’m definitely the spender in our relationship, so it hasn’t always been easy, but these things 👆🏻have really helped me and I hope they inspire you too!⠀

What is your big money goal at the moment? Are you the saver or spender in your relationship? PS: if you’re not listening to @shesonthemoneyaus podcast yet, get on it!


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