How To Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

Jul 19

How To Plan Your Wedding Without Stress

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What could be better than planning a day of celebration with the love of your life right?! In reality, planning a wedding is a HUGE task and undertaking. It’s so exciting when you get engaged, and then you remember… I actually have plan this thing!

Our Story: Sam and I were only engaged for 3 and a half months! Crazy huh. Disclaimer: I was 21 (such a baby, that’s us below!) and working part time, so I did have more time to devote to planning.

Being engaged for such a short amount of time meant although there were stressful moments, there was also no time to second guess myself! It helped that I was pretty set on what I wanted (marquee on Mum and Dad’s country property, church wedding, lace dress…) so I could make decisions easily and quickly.

Sam and I were married in 2008 (I’m not sure Pinterest was even around then!) so of course, things are very different now. There is an ABUNDANCE of options, right at your fingertips. Which is equal parts wonderful, equal parts overwhelming.

Here’s some ideas to help you have a more joyful engagement minus the stress.


It’s helpful to purchase a wedding journal to help you keep everything together in one place. I love the look of this one by Southern Weddings Magazine. I’ve also found a coupon code BEATING50 for 25% off the Joyful Planner until 31st of July 2017, so get on it! Pinterest (used wisely!) can also help with visualising your ideas, so you can start to plan a desired look and feel for your day.


Try to make the season of being engaged fun! Set aside specific times to talk about the wedding and try not to let it take over every conversation you have with one another.

Have regular date nights, or just set aside time to be together and ban yourselves from talking about the wedding. In the very few times we’ve gone out for dinner since having Ava, some dinners we’ve agreed not to talk about her. Not because we don’t want to, but it’s nice to talk about other things too!


It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea to plan their own wedding. At the end of the day, you both need to decide and agree on your priorities because no one else can do that for you! If you need some help to plan your perfect day, there are amazing wedding coordinators, stylists and planners out there. If you’re Brisbane based, check out – HT Events, The Events Co, and Victoria Cameron.

Remember, this is the start of your forever. If you approach your wedding with peace, joy, kindness and patience, it sets the foundation for a marriage that will last a lifetime. x

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