How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress

Is planning your wedding STRESSING you out?

Here’s how to handle it (without knocking back the rose, screaming at your fiancée and eating allll the ice cream…) 🍧⠀

1. Step back from it all and remember the big picture.⠀

Being stressed about the details is not going to change the fact that you’re marrying the love of your life.

2. Prioritise the essentials.⠀
Decide with your partner what are your top priorities for your day and refer back to this list when you feel tempted to go down a spiral of DIY projects you saw on Pinterest.⠀

3. Communicate!⠀
Take the time to chat with your partner about what you want to achieve for your wedding. If your families have contributed financially, sit down with them from the start and talk about your vision, hear their thoughts, and find ways to compromise so everyone is happy.

4. Create Plan B options.⠀
You can’t control the weather, so be prepared for “worse case scenarios.” It’s important to have an indoor ceremony option, and also chat to your hairdresser about an alternative style to suit the weather.⠀

5. Make time for Self Care.⠀
Try to allocate only one or two nights a week to plan your wedding, then leave it. The other nights do things you enjoy! Listen to music, cuddle with your partner, get a massage, do a yoga class.

6. Go on a date!⠀

Try to make this season of wedding planning fun! Plan regular date nights, and try not to let wedding planning take over every conversation you have.⠀

7. Consider outsourcing.⠀
It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea to plan their own wedding. There are some amazing planners out there, so if you’re overwhelmed – set up a meeting with them! Highly recommend Danielle from @whitewhiteweddings x

Lastly remember, this is the start of your forever. If you approach your wedding with peace, joy, kindness and patience – it sets a foundation for an incredible marriage.⠀
I have an e-book that dives even deeper into this topic, you can download this free guide HERE.

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