Dale loves Katie | NZ Wedding

Dale loves Katie | NZ Wedding



New Zealand Wedding // I went to design school with Katie way back in 2005, and met Dale about 10 years ago – so seeing them again was very special. The fireplace was crackling when I arrived at the girls preparations, the day was rainy and had that cosy Autumnal feeling. You could occasionally hear shouts from the guys cottage around the corner, a feeling of anticipation and excitement filling the air.

Katie & Dale had a first look outside on the verandah of the girls cottage, and shortly after, we drove to a tomato greenhouse, and the forest for some portraits. Before long, it was time for the ceremony. Katie and Dale’s promises of love and commitment were some of the most heartfelt declarations I think I’ve ever witnessed. I was choking back tears thinking over and over, “I can’t believe I get to do this.”

Katie and Dale. Enjoy.


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