6 Creative Ways To Enjoy Date Night At Home

6 Creative Ways To Enjoy Date Night At Home



1. Theme your dinner to a movie! Watch an Italian movie with homemade pizza. A french movie with some french wine/champagne or crepes. Or… an American movie with a cheeseburger, fries and a donut for dessert.

2. Relive your history together! If you’re married, flick through your wedding album or watch your wedding video. If you aren’t married, get out your phone and scroll back to when you first met – Sam and I love doing this, and it always prompts laughs and great conversation.

3. Have your own wine tasting! Open a few bottles, make a cheese platter and turn your place into a cosy wine bar! If you aren’t into wine, try chocolate tasting! There are so many amazing brands, flavours, origins and different strengths of chocolate to discover.

4. The bucket list date. Head over to my friend Naomi’s blog Bill & Coo to read about this fun date night idea.

5. Wrap Christmas presents while you watch a Christmas movie, and decorate your Christmas tree.

6. Power cut date night. No electronics allowed! I’m thinking… candlelit dinner, boardgames, and great conversation (without phones in the picture).

Even before kids, Sam and I preferred to stay in for date night. But, it’s easy to become a little bit lazy with this…and ‘date night’ turns into Netflix every time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of Netflix, but not when it’s the default every. single. ‘date’.

I posted about the journal from Beating 50 a couple of weeks ago on my Instagram. We’ve just started this, and we’ve committed to spending time to fill it out each Sunday night. I love that it has a calendar at the start of every week, so we know what the other person is up to every day. The questions are great to prompt conversation, and so far we are loving this!

I hope the above ideas spark you into action to create a fun date night at home that doesn’t require a ton of planning, babysitters, and coordination.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to try any of these ideas! What’s your favourite date night to do at home? I’d love to hear from you.

PS: Have a read of this gem of a post from 2011! xx


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