5 Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know (But May Not Tell You!)

5 Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know (But May Not Tell You!)



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I feel so honoured to be invited to every wedding I’m privileged to photograph. Having shot hundreds of beautiful days around the world for over 8 years now, I’ve seen and witnessed a few things! Of course, every wedding and every couple is so different, but the following 5 things I feel make every wedding more relaxed, exciting, and heartfelt.

1. Light is everything! Try to get ready in a place with plenty of natural light. Most photographers know how to create great light, but I know I’d prefer to shoot in an ordinary house with amazing natural light, then a fancy dark hotel room any day!

2. If you’re planning on getting a spray tan, make sure to have a trial to avoid an unnatural colour on the day.

3. Consider an ‘unplugged ceremony’. I’ve written a whole blog post on this subject, you can have a read here.

4. Pick the right photographer, and ditch the shot list. Choose well, give your photographer creative freedom, and trust they will do an amazing job.

5. Remember why you’re doing this: to get married, not to have the perfect wedding. Sure, things might not go exactly to plan on the day, but you’ve been planning this day to perfection for months, so your only job should be to relax, and soak up every moment.

What do you wish your wedding photographer told you? Is there anything you’d add? If you’re engaged, does this list help? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!


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