3 Places To Get Marriage Inspiration

3 Places To Get Marriage Inspiration



There are SO many places online to get wedding inspiration, but where do we get inspiration for marriage?

Here are some of my top picks.

White Magazine.

“We exist to inspire couples and help them to establish strong foundations in their relationship from the very beginning. We are about promoting healthy, thriving marriages, where love and honour ring true. We believe in love that is sincere and generous; love that holds on.

We believe that we were designed for relationship; to grow together, to love one another deeply. We hold marriage up to the light, and use our pages to venture into honest, clever and meaningful conversations.

Our goal is to encourage and challenge couples to not only have a lifelong commitment, but also a healthy, thriving and passionate relationship—to create a marriage as beautiful as their wedding day.”

White magazine has to be my favourite wedding publication, because I love what it stands for! Finally, a magazine that celebrates the lasting commitment of marriage, and is not just all about the pretty details. At the back of every issue is their ‘Still The One I Love’ column. The column is an interview with couples that have been married around 50-60 years, it’s honestly the sweetest thing ever!

Click the link below for their marriage and relationship questionnaires to kick start conversation.


Bill & Coo Blog. My lovely friend Naomi has a beautiful marriage blog where she posts inspirational marriage content, and also interviews married couples.

“Bill & Coo is an idea that has been brewing away for some time. Every time my social media feeds fill up with parenting, pregnancy and wedding advice, I find myself thinking, ‘But what about marriage?’.

Weddings are wonderful and exciting and absolutely worth celebrating with every bell and whistle… but what about after? My dream is to start seeing marriage celebrated more. Some people feel that their marriage is quite mundane or common… but to someone, their experiences, joys and tears are just what they need to hear.

This space is about seeing how different stories, no matter how mundane or unique they may seem, inspire and challenge others. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I think maybe it takes even more than that to support a relationship that spans, hopefully, much, much longer than childhood. Happy reading!”


The Marriage Course – You can find a marriage course in your city by googling ‘Marriage Course’ followed by the name of your city. Sam and I did this marriage course when we’d been married only a few months, I’d actually love to do another one.

It’s a 7 week evening course where you watch a DVD talk, have dessert (so good!), and after the dvd there are question prompts that relate to the specific topic talked about. All within a safe and private environment to encourage open conversation with your spouse.

We found this course to be super helpful in understanding each other, lots of the topics are things you don’t generally discuss in every day life, but the marriage course allows you to dig deep, and you’ll be so glad you did.


Remember these links and resources are not just for when your marriage is in trouble, or you’re unhappy. Marriage takes so much work, every day. I believe to have a meaningful marriage, you have to always work towards put your partner before yourself.

I hope these links provide you some fresh insight whether you’re engaged, or have been married for 30 years. Where do you get inspired for your marriage? I’d love to hear from you x

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