Vibrant Brisbane Marquee Wedding

It completely blows my mind how placing a marquee on top of a tennis court can totally transform a space of exercise to a space for an epic party! I absolutely loved the use of vibrant pops of colour in this Brisbane wedding reception. Crafted together by the brilliant teams at Avideas and Kate Dawes Flower Design, using this much vibrant colour in a space could easily be too much, but Lucy and Connors wedding reception was just the right amount of colour and sparkle (can you ever have too much sparkle?).

The atmosphere created was vibrant and classy, perfect for a huge night of celebration with the people that mean the most to you in this world! I had a marquee wedding at my parents house, so I know how incredibly special it is. Loved everything about this gorgeous backyard marquee wedding, I hope you are inspired.

Rigging, lighting and furniture – Avideas

Flowers and installations – Kate Dawes Flower Design

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