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5 Things | June 2015

How is it July already?! I know I say this probably every month, but this year is speeding along. I feel like I blinked and a whole month zoomed by. June was super busy for me! I was lucky to spend most of it travelling along America’s East Coast starting in Boston, and ending up in Washington DC with two of my sisters and Sam, who joined us for the New York part.

It’s just started to get SUPER hot here in Salt Lake city, most days are around 39 Degrees Celsius! Fortunately, we have air conditioning in our apartment. I don’t think I’d survive otherwise! I hope you’ve had a wonderful June and are looking forward to a fun July. I’m so excited to have scheduled a few interviews for my podcast this month, and I can’t wait to launch it soon! Stay cool (or warm, if you live in the southern hemisphere)! xx

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5 (or 6) Things | April & May!

I cannot believe it’s June already!! First day of summer here in the US of A. Salt Lake City didn’t get the memo, and decided to start a few days earlier, and it is HOT. Quite liking it. Although I’m not wanting to rub it in for all of you reading this in NZ or Australia warming your hands around a hot cup of tea! I have missed winter completely, and I’m still a tiny bit sad about that, but I’m learning to embrace my new city’s dry desert climate!

So as you can tell by the title of this blog, my 5 Things series was completely neglected for the month of April. So many things happened in April and early May. I was finishing up all of my wedding in New Zealand for the season, moving countries (again), announcing some very exciting news, and generally spending time adjusting to my new life, home and neighbourhood in America!

Here are 5 (+ a bonus one) things that have been top of my mind, and making my life that much sweeter in April and May!

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5 Things | March

I hope you had a wonderful March! It’s the peek of wedding season madness for me. I’ve spent my weekdays following my system to try and stay ahead with editing, and my weekends are filled with gorgeous weddings I’m so privileged to be invited to capture. I don’t have a wedding to photograph this Easter weekend, and I’m particularly excited to catch up with family at this special time. I hope you enjoy a little peek into 5 small things that I’ve been loving this past month. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! xx

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