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2017 Goals

Jan 9, 2017


Becoming a Mum at the end of 2015 really rocked my world. Of course it was incredible, there was so much about my daughter to discover (read: I had NO clue what I was doing). So much to ‘discover’ in fact, that most of my time last year was spent completely devoted to my darling girl.

But for the past few months, I’ve felt a growing restlessness to get back to photography, to writing and sharing again. I LOVE this business I’m so privileged to be part of, and I’m a better Mum when I devote time to what lights me up creatively.

I’m so excited to be going back to NZ in approximately 25 days to photograph my couples weddings, before our move to Brisbane in April. It’s currently -14 degrees here in Salt Lake, and I have to admit – just knowing that I’ll soon be in summer again, makes things slightly more bearable!

So happy 2017 friends! Here’s to a year of freedom and growth. Grace over perfection. Saying yes to what matters, and no to fear, overthinking and comparison. I’m excited for our move to Brisbane, and for all the adventures to come!

2017 Goals


Finish my new website! So excited about this.

Rebrand Kate Robinson Photography!

Get back into my system and turn around weddings within 1 week.

Book 3 Queensland based weddings. I’m completely new to Brisbane, so basically I’m starting again!

Blog x1 per week.


Get healthy, strong and fit again!

Quiet time every morning.

Finish personal photo albums (I’m nearly there!)

Read 12 books.

Friday night – pamper night. Bath, nails, mask…wine.

Take more photographs with my ‘big camera’, stop relying on my iPhone for all my personal photos!

My anchor quote this year is, “Wherever Life Plants You, Bloom With Grace.” Have you set goals for this year? Leave a link below if you’ve posted them, I’d love to read what you’re working towards in 2017. Have a wonderful week! xx

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