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Mantells Mt Eden | Callum & Olivia

Apr 6, 2016


This was such a dream of a day! Callum and Olivia married on a beautifully sunny Monday in Auckland, at the church I used to attend when I was little, Valley Road Church in Mt Eden. Throughout the day, I kept thinking I’d met Olivia before, she just seemed really familiar, she also was saying the same about me. By the end of the day, we figured out she used to flat with one of my really good friends quite a few years ago! I love how NZ is so small like that. Olivia and Callum, thank you so much for having me document your amazing day. You are such a genuine couple, it was such a privilege to share your special day. xx

Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0003 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0002 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0004 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0005 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0007 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0008 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0010 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0013 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0014 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_00151 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0017 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0018 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0019 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0020 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0021 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0022 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0024 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0026 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0027 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0028 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0029 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0030 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0033 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0034 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0036 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0037 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0040 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0041 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0042 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0043 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0044 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0045 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0046 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0047 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0048 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0049 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0050 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0051 Mantells_MtEden_Auckland_0052

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