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Mixing Business & Personal On Social Media

Mar 24, 2016

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I’ve always been a big believer in allowing your personality develop the look and feel of your business. I know I always feel a stronger connection to brands/businesses/people who aren’t afraid mix business with real life on social media.

But since becoming a Mumma, I have really struggled with how and what to share on social media!

Before having Ava, I told myself I wouldn’t be one of ‘those’ Mums who posted a million photos of their children all day long. There was also a fear deep down that as a mother, I would no longer be ‘relevant’ to potential brides and grooms.

Some thoughts that run through my head:

Am I being that annoying Mum? People don’t want to see photos of my baby…I should just post weddings. But this is my life now! I want to connect with other people, who cares what anyone thinks! But I am a wedding photographer… maybe should get a personal Instagram in addition to my business one. But I want my business to reflect my heart! How does my family life relate to my wedding business? Will I still book weddings if I’m not just posting beautiful wedding images that give me a consistent Instagram feed? I’m so confused.

This post by Nancy Ray really impacted me. I was nodding my head in agreement with every word she had written.

I have thought seriously about separating my business and personal Instagram feeds. A lot of good friends have done this and they love it. But I know it won’t work for me because 1- I don’t want to spend that time updating another feed. And 2- If you follow me, you’ll have to follow ALL of me. Not just the pretty wedding part, and not just the family life part.

I love to follow beautiful curated feeds on Instagram, and I get that it’s such a powerful marketing tool. But I love even more following those who share their real life, as well as their work.

It’s a tricky balance. But I truly believe that you are able to create deeper connections in your business by sharing a mixture of your work with your real life.

<p?I want to be active on social media, whilst taking breaks and having healthy boundaries. I want to share a mixture of family life, my heart, and beautiful weddings I have photographed. I want to avoid the comparison game, and use the platform to encourage others. I want to enjoy and be inspired by Instagram!

My social media mission statement (thanks Nancy for this awesome idea!):

To share a glimpse into my life, to connect and encourage others, to share my work and what is currently inspiring me.

I’m excited to be more free on my Instagram platform, I’m so tired of agonising over whether or not to post a photo. There have been so many times I have started a post only to delete it. I want to be unapologetically me.

I don’t have this all figured out. I know that people will unfollow me because I won’t be ONLY posting weddings, or ONLY posting photos of Ava. But that’s okay.

My worth is not connected to how many followers or likes I get on social media.

Do you ever struggle with these feelings about social media?

PS – Follow me on Snapchat (katerphoto) for random, messy, everyday life (‘unworthy’ of Instagram) updates :) .

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