Aspen Trees | 26 weeks


Last weekend I photographed a beautiful wedding with Jacque Lynn in the mountains of Utah. When I left it was still light, so Sam and I did a little exploring and took some photographs amongst the gorgeous Aspen Trees.

I look a little tired in these photos (!) but the baby growing is going smoothly, I’ve got no complaints! I’m so excited to meet our little one. I hope you enjoy these photographs of my growing bump and spectacular landscape! xx

Aspens-ParkCity_0002 Aspens-ParkCity_0003 Aspens-ParkCity_0004 Aspens-ParkCity_0005 Aspens-ParkCity_0006 Aspens-ParkCity_0007 Aspens-ParkCity_0008 Aspens-ParkCity_0009 Aspens-ParkCity_0010 Aspens-ParkCity_0011 Aspens-ParkCity_0012 Aspens-ParkCity_0013

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