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5 Things | June 2015

Jul 2, 2015

How is it July already?! I know I say this probably every month, but this year is speeding along. I feel like I blinked and a whole month zoomed by. June was super busy for me! I was lucky to spend most of it travelling along America’s East Coast starting in Boston, and ending up in Washington DC with two of my sisters and Sam, who joined us for the New York part.

It’s just started to get SUPER hot here in Salt Lake city, most days are around 39 Degrees Celsius! Fortunately, we have air conditioning in our apartment. I don’t think I’d survive otherwise! I hope you’ve had a wonderful June and are looking forward to a fun July. I’m so excited to have scheduled a few interviews for my podcast this month, and I can’t wait to launch it soon! Stay cool (or warm, if you live in the southern hemisphere)! xx

2015-June-2 New York City! This was a huge highlight for me. Out of all of the cities I have visited, NY is definitely up there! We stayed in the west village, and the city just has an amazing vibe with something going on everywhere you look. We were never bored, and even Sam (who thought he would hate it) loved it too! I was actually really surprised it wasn’t as dirty or crowded as I anticipated either. I also loved Annapolis on our trip, but New York was a favourite for sure! I’m going to do a blog post on our East Coast adventure soon, so keep an eye out!

2015-June-1 Second shooting! I’ve loved shooting with a different perspective, it’s not often I get to second shoot but I’m getting lots of opportunities here in SLC which is awesome! I’ve also loved travelling to different parts of Utah, experiencing new environments, amazing restaurants as wedding venues, and seeing how American photographers shoot, and the different parts of a wedding day here in the US.

2015-June-3 I was so excited last weekend, because the first ‘stranger’ came up to me and commented on my pregnancy! I’ve been in the ‘is she, or isn’t she?’ stage for a little while. But now, it’s quite obvious which I’m loving! The baby loves the heat, and I’m feeling stronger kicks all the time. It’s such an incredible feeling!

2015-June-4 I’m not sure how long hiking will last now that it’s getting so hot, and I’m obviously getting bigger and bigger! But my sister Lydia stayed with us last week, so we did some beautiful walks. It was Sam’s idea, and I have to be honest and say I dragged my heels, but it was so worth it. Look at that view!

2015-June-9 We have got a car!! Finally. It has taken so long, we were so scared for the longest time about choosing a car that would be reliable for us here in the US, as our track record with cars hasn’t been amazing. But we’ve got one at long last! I’m so thankful we don’t have to lug home our groceries anymore. It’s going to make life so much easier that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading! You can follow more adventures here on Instagram (@katerphoto) or Snapchat (@katerphoto) where I tend to post more regularly. Have a fabulous July! xx


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