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5 (or 6) Things | April & May!

Jun 2, 2015

I cannot believe it’s June already!! First day of summer here in the US of A. Salt Lake City didn’t get the memo, and decided to start a few days earlier, and it is HOT. Quite liking it. Although I’m not wanting to rub it in for all of you reading this in NZ or Australia warming your hands around a hot cup of tea! I have missed winter completely, and I’m still a tiny bit sad about that, but I’m learning to embrace my new city’s dry desert climate!

So as you can tell by the title of this blog, my 5 Things series was completely neglected for the month of April. So many things happened in April and early May. I was finishing up all of my wedding in New Zealand for the season, moving countries (again), announcing some very exciting news, and generally spending time adjusting to my new life, home and neighbourhood in America!

Here are 5 (+ a bonus one) things that have been top of my mind, and making my life that much sweeter in April and May!

Utah-24 Moving to America! Being reunited with Sam after 7 weeks apart was soooo nice x1000. I was looking forward to seeing him the whole plane ride over, I was so excited I hardly slept. When I saw him waiting for me at the bottom of the esclulater at SLC airport, I burst into tears! There has been so many new things waiting for me here, including a new home, and I’ve generally loved discovering things around my new neighbourhood!

IMG_0552 Our baby announcement! I told my family and closest friends in April, and I waited until I was in America to share our exciting news online. I was quite nervous about sharing, but full of anticipation to share something so personal and exciting with you guys. I will probably post a few bump photos on Instagram as it’s only just starting to poke out a bit more, and I’m now feeling the baby move around which is incredible.

Utah-Wedding-1 Meeting other photographers here in Salt Lake City. I have second shot 3 weddings in America now! One for Jessica Kettle, and the other two with Heather Nan. Everyone I have met has been so lovely, warm and welcoming! I have loved second shooting, seeing a little more of the city and having the privilege of documenting beautiful weddings with other photographers! Obviously over here it’s the northern hemisphere summer… which translates to: wedding season. I’ve got a few more weddings to second shoot during June and July which I am so thankful for, and can’t wait to share photos on the blog soon!

IMG_0610 Along with a few weddings, Sam and I have really been enjoying lazy weekends. It’s warm enough for a BBQ now, and we love sitting outside reading and watching the hummingbirds. The coolest birds ever!! For memorial day last week, we hiked up a mountain which was completely worth it, the views were stunning. Salt Lake City is so gorgeous!

IMG_0492 On Friday, we are going to Boston!! We’re meeting my sisters there. Lydia (who is coming from Auckland) and Esther (who is coming from London, I haven’t seen her for nearly a year)! Then….on Monday (8th) we are going to NEW YORK CITY!!! Ahhhhhhhh. I can’t wait. It’s been a dream of mine to visit NYC for the longest time, I’m so excited. After nearly a week in NYC, Sam heads back to SLC, then my sisters and I will begin our road trip down the east coast! Staying in Philidelphia, Annapolis, and Washington DC across another week. So. So. Excited. Only wish my youngest sister Sophie could join us too!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.26.46 pm Now for a tiny sneak peek of something I have been working on for the past few weeks! Last week, I blogged about my big scary idea, and had such an amazing response! To all of you who took my little survey, thank you for much! Your comments and feedback were invaluable. I definitely want to pursue my idea of creating a podcast, and I’ve also been working on a new website that will be exclusively for creative business owners and starters. I’m not going to give away too much now, but I really want to create a space for sharing, to create what I hope to be a thriving community of people who lift each other up! I hope that’s not too mysterious, but I hope this space will be ready in the next couple of months! xx

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