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5 Things | March

Apr 1, 2015

I hope you had a wonderful March! It’s the peek of wedding season madness for me. I’ve spent my weekdays following my system to try and stay ahead with editing, and my weekends are filled with gorgeous weddings I’m so privileged to be invited to capture. I don’t have a wedding to photograph this Easter weekend, and I’m particularly excited to catch up with family at this special time. I hope you enjoy a little peek into 5 small things that I’ve been loving this past month. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! xx

5Things-March15-1 It’s getting colder in NZ, and I am savouring the brisk mornings and cool evenings! Soon, I will be going to the US to be reunited with my husband who moved over about a month ago (I can’t wait to see him, missing him SO much) and, of course, the Northern Hemisphere is going into Summer! Which isn’t a bad thing of course, but I’m a bit sad to miss winter so I’m revelling in the brisk air in my lungs on my morning walks, and cozy nights snuggled under blankets watching Downton Abbey.

5Things-March15-2 In saying that I’m savouring the cooler weather, one thing I am not savouring is a cold I have picked up! But grated ginger and lemon juice in hot water has been my go to drink, and I love it!

brooke-fraser-brutal-romantic I’ve been listening to Brooke Fraser’s new album, Brutal Romantic, on repeat this month! I have never been a huge fan of her music, until now. It’s quite a new sound for Brooke Fraser, less folky and more electronic which I love.


Any other Bachelor fans out there?! Haha slightly embarrassing to admit my guilty pleasure of watching this (trashy) show, but for some reason I can’t miss an episode, it’s hooked me in! I’m slightly sad that I will miss the rest of the episodes when I go to America at the end of this month!

5Things-March15-3 The perfect mid morning snack, I adore hot cross buns warmed in the microwave with lashings of butter. So good. xx


  1. caitlin

    April 1st, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    I recently heard the song “Psychosocial” the other day and LOVED it. I’ll have to give Brooke’s whole album a listen I think!

  2. Jodie Cox

    April 1st, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    haha! No, you aren’t the only one ;) I’m addicted to The Bachelor too and I usually can’t stand watching it… I think it’s because its in NZ xx

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