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Xavier College, Melbourne | Claire & Tom

Mar 13, 2015

Claire & Tom are such a fun-loving, no-fuss couple. Their special day was centred around family, friends, and having a great time celebrating together. Claire and Tom were married in Tom’s high school Xavier College, in the beautiful chapel. As it happens, Tom’s grandparents were also married at the same church!

After a traditional ceremony, Claire and Tom walked back down the aisle as husband and wife into the warm Melbourne weather. Claire wore a veil and in typical Melbourne style, when it’s hot there is usually wind to go with it. But I loved this! Because in my mind, veils go particularly well with a bit of a breeze. Claire and Tom, thank you so much for having me. Your wedding was gorgeous, fun, modern and bright, uncomplicated and complete reflection of you both. I hope you enjoy x

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