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My Husband > America!

Mar 12, 2015


Last week, our big adventure began! Sam left for Salt Lake City, Utah, America to start his new job. I already am missing him so much!

I’m in New Zealand until the end of April, to photograph many gorgeous weddings. Sam needs to choose a house for us to live in, buy everything we need, and basically start again from scratch. I’m so thankful for amazing friends already in SLC, (Sam is currently staying with a work friend) and I’m praying for a simple settling in process. We have learnt that moving countries (especially this far away) is no small thing, but I am so proud of Sam and the opportunities he has been given. I would follow him to the ends of this earth!

We plan to stay in Utah for one year. As well as hopefully doing a little travel when we’re there, I’m returning to NZ and I will be available for weddings from December 2015 until the end of January 2016. It will be a smaller season to what I am used to, but that’s okay. I absolutely adore what I do, and because I can’t really be self employed as a NZ citizen while living in America (very easily anyway) this is the best option for now.

I am so excited to join Sam at the end of April. Although, I’m a little sad to be missing a winter season completely! I know lots of you would probably love that, but I think the Melbourne summer heat waves have made me appreciate colder months more!

Anyway, just a little life update. Thank you to Caitlin for the above photos of my love. xx

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