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Road Trip To Wellington!

Feb 18, 2015

Last week, I was fortunate enough to have a wedding to photograph in Wellington! Since Sam is still here (although he’s going back to Melbourne today for a couple of weeks) we decided instead of flying, we would drive – and take our time.

Initially, I was a little flustered trying to get posts organised for the blog, and honestly became a little stressed because I realised this trip would interrupt my wedding system! You may have noticed it was a little quiet around here last week. I have made a commitment to write here regularly and it’s something I take seriously! But I realised this: I don’t want to rush what I write, or just slap something up because it’s a ‘blog’ day. I strive to write from my heart, and I want the content on my blog to be meaningful and special. After (unsuccessfully) trying to squeeze in a little work on our holiday, I took a step back, and asked myself…do I want to be present with Sam? Do I want to enjoy this mini-holiday without worrying?

The answer was yes and yes.

I have made the mistake before, to do something just because I’ve made that commitment to do it, but not really thinking about giving it my full attention and focus. I don’t want to do that here. It’s a hard balance to share meaningful content, on a regular basis. I love to blog and share my life, it helps that I’ve made the commitment to post 3 times weekly, because I constantly keep thinking of new things to write about!

I’m also learning it’s also okay to take a break, because inevitability when you do, you come back refreshed and better.

I hope you enjoy some iPhone snaps of our journey!


We had never been to Taranaki, so after one night staying in Taupo with Sam’s Gran, we drove 3.5 hours to New Plymouth and stayed at THE most beautiful BnB called Airlie House. If you are ever in New Plymouth, I would highly recommend staying here! Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0004 It was such a gorgeous day in New Plymouth, so after a huge meal of Turkish food, we wandered around in the sun for a few hours taking in the sights. Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0005 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0006 One of the best things about Airlie House was this beautiful claw footed bath! And with Pure Fiji bath products, it was complete bliss. I’m crossing my fingers for a bath in our next house. Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0007 We were blown away with how amazing the breakfast was! I love BnB’s. Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0008 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0009 After (reluctantly) leaving beautiful Airlie House, we drove to the ocean to dip our toes in. New Plymouth is such a unique place because you can be skiing on Mt Taranaki, and within an hour, be in the ocean! If nothing else, it was a gorgeous view from the beach. Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0010 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0011 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0013 Before going to Wellington, we drove to Boomrock where Sarah & Warren’s wedding was going to be the next day. After second guessing where we were, convinced we were lost, we drove over the last hill to discover the most incredible place! To say I was excited to photograph here would be a huge understatement. Boomrock is a completely unique wedding venue, perched on the cliff tops overlooking the ocean. You can even see the South Island! Even though the weather was a bit greyer the next day, I had the time of my life photographing Sarah & Warren’s special day, and I can’t wait to share more soon! See a sneak peek here. Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0014 Wellington welcomed us with blue skies and sunshine! If you know Wellington, it’s spectacular on a lovely day, but as soon as the wind comes…well it’s another story! Outdoor salsa dancing (we were spectators), boat races in the harbour and food trucks made for a lovely evening on the waterfront! Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0015 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0016 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0017 Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0019 Sarah & Warren were so sweet, and gave me some Wellington produced treats on the wedding day!! I have the most amazing couples! Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0020 After a hearty post-wedding breakfast of Ricotta dumplings the next morning at Fidels on Cuba Street, we were on the road again! Wellington-Boomrock-Photographer_0021

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our mini road trip! Now I’m off to drop Sam off at the airport :( xx


  1. Diane

    February 19th, 2015 at 7:46 am

    Wow! I am so glad you went to New Plymouth. It is an amazing place we spent some time there last year for holidays and there are endless things to do. All the best for this year.

  2. Aimee Kelly

    February 19th, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Hi Kate, great post! I’m a photographer here in New Plymouth and it was great to read you had a blast in NP:) It’s our hidden gem! X

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