12 Quotes For When You Doubt Yourself

It’s easy to get paralysed in self doubt. It squashes the seed of an idea in your mind. It makes you question and over-analyse everything. Self doubt is so easy to slip into, it can absolutely crush your progression in life! I know, I experience self doubt all the time. I run a very personal business and it can be easy to get over consumed in it, to base my self worth on how well it’s doing.

I know this isn’t healthy, and there are many ways I deal with it. One is to have a mindset that every new thing I introduce in my business, is a test or experiment. If it doesn’t work, great! If it DOES work, great! At least I know I tried. The most important thing for me, is to have grown and learned from it.

I love these quotes because they remind me that I should never be afraid of failing. I should never be afraid of pursing my dreams. What I should be afraid of is: living cautiously, comparing myself, and holding myself to a standard of unrealistic perfection.

These quotes motivate me to focus on what matters, do the hard work, and never give up! I hope they inspire you too.

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