Our Tropical Holiday!

Sam and I have just spent a week in Cairns with his parents. We went to Cairns because I photographed a beautiful wedding in Palm Cove which I can’t wait to share! I’ve just put a little sneak peek on my Facebook page. Sam’s parents visited us in Melbourne at about the same time last year, and it rained the entire time! So this year, understandbly, they jumped at the chance to meet us in warm Cairns. I couldn’t wait to spend some time in the tropical warmth of Queensland, and it didn’t disappoint! We’ve been swimming in beautiful freshwater lakes (it was free from crocodiles, don’t worry!) and the amazingly warm, palm tree lined beaches. We’ve shopped at the local markets to taste delicious tropical fruit, we’ve ate really well and had BBQ’s most nights… and had so many adventures! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a few of these photos. I hope you enjoy my favourites from our trip! Bring on summer! xx


Cairns-Queensland_0002 Cairns-Queensland_0003 Cairns-Queensland_0004 Cairns-Queensland_0005 Cairns-Queensland_0006 Cairns-Queensland_0007 Cairns-Queensland_0008 Cairns-Queensland_0009 Cairns-Queensland_0010 Cairns-Queensland_0011 Cairns-Queensland_0012 Cairns-Queensland_0013 Cairns-Queensland_0014 Cairns-Queensland_0015 Cairns-Queensland_0016 Cairns-Queensland_0017 Cairns-Queensland_0018 Cairns-Queensland_0019 Cairns-Queensland_0020 Cairns-Queensland_0021

Mixture of iPhone + non-iPhone pictures!


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