How To Get Your Camera-Shy Man Into Your Photos.

You would think being a photographer, I would have the ability to coerce my husband into my pictures. Truth be told, I think he might be one of my hardest subjects! Not because he can’t take a good photo – he just doesn’t like to be in them!!

I love documenting everyday life on my iPhone. I suspect there are many girls who see iPhone/instagram photos of other couples and think ‘why can’t we just have a few nice photos together?!’ I know that whenever I instagram a photo of Sam and I together, it took (at least) 5 tries. There’s lots of ‘pleeeease’, ‘just one more I promise’, plus a lot of sneaky selfies where he ‘just happened’ to be in the background… before we eventually get the shot. Here are some sneaky techniques to get some smiles… good luck!

Get your Mum to tickle him. Always works.

Get someone else to take the photo, he’s usually (usually) more willing to smile for someone else.

Take it when he is not expecting it, but angle your phone so he is in the background. Or driving, so he can’t escape.

Just settle for photos of the back of his head.

When these techniques fail, if you have some cute nephews, they are usually willing to smile for you.

It took a few tries, but he eventually smiled for me!

Of course, you can always have someone take some non-iPhone photos for you! The framed one on our wall (behind Sam in the above photos) is taken by Leah Kua, who I am incredibly indebted to.

Sam is currently on the Gold Coast for his conference, I’m so excited to be meeting him there today!



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Patty Lagera...

Hahaha, I suffer with the same issues with my boyfriend. Sigh, the struggle is real.

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