How I stay inspired.


We live in such a noisy world! Besides actual noise, the amount of images we see on a daily basis is huge. No wonder Facebook had to limit the amount of posts in our newsfeeds, there’s just no way that we are able to consume that much material from other people! So, in such a noisy world, how do you stay inspired?

For me, it’s starts with limiting the amount of other peoples work I consume each day.

This means, now I choose to put images that I have taken on my walls. I no longer have an inspiration board filled with images other people have taken in my office. This may seem egocentric, but having photographs surrounding me keeps me motivated and inspired. Every time I glance up from my computer, I’m instantly taken back to the moment where I captured the particular image, which always makes me smile.

Another way that keeps me inspired is choosing to hide notifications from other wedding photographers on Facebook. I still ‘like’ the pages, I just choose not to receive updates on my newsfeed as the default. Being intentional in this way protects me from comparing, and from getting stuck in thinking, ‘I’m not good enough’ which is never inspiring, and if I’m not careful can limit my creativity and growth as a photographer.

Just because I do this, doesn’t mean I will never look at what my industry peers are doing, I will definitely still take a look every now and then. Although now I make sure I’m in a great frame of mind before I do, and I always leave an encouraging comment to uplift the creators.

It’s crucial to stay inspired as a photographer and business owner in order to keep yourself fresh and motivated.

Inspiration starts with knowing who you are and figuring out what you want to create and say to the world. It’s not a bad thing to look at what others have created, but I think boundaries are so necessary, otherwise the things you look at too often can fill your head, and that is what you will end up delivering.

If you want to create with authenticity and true meaning, don’t just do things because everyone else is doing them, do things that you love, stay true to yourself – that’s where real inspiration will shine the brightest.

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Love this blog, and completely agree with everything you’ve written. I’m going to put a few of my favourite images above my mac now rather than others inspo! X

Ashlee x


Hi Kate, what size are those pics in the picture and where did you get the polaroid template from? I would love to put some pics of my kids in those. Please please please share :)

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