You are enough.

I’ve just re-watched Brene Brown’s amazing Ted Talk – The power of vulnerability. If you haven’t watched it yet, here you go….

Lately, I’ve felt a bit disconnected. I’ve pulled back, and retreated into myself. Why? I’m trying to figure it out. I write lists rather than actually DOING things, and believe me when I say… it frustrates me to no end! So here is a little vulnerable post, and a promise that I want my true authentic self to be seen. I know that I am enough, and I don’t want to pretend and second guess myself anymore. The purpose of my business is to build -and have- connection with others. If I’m not letting my true self be seen, and truly embrace vulnerability, how can I live wholeheartedly and attract the people who I am called to serve?

I want to love with my whole heart, lean into discomfort, be consistent, to share, to listen, to be kind and gentle and VULNERABLE.


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