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My Wedding Re imagined: The Look

Jun 27, 2013

This is the last post in this series of “My Wedding Re imagined”, here are links to the first post – The Timeline  and the second post – What really matters. So today I’m talking about how I would re-imagine the look of our wedding. Most of what we had I still love so I wouldn’t change many things, I still love my dress and I think we had quite classic colours and styles which hopefully will not date! I am a major lace fan, so I’m glad I included it in our wedding. As well as my dress, I wrapped our invitations in all different kinds of lace ribbon I had sourced. While I think my flowers were quite classic, truth be told I didn’t ever consider anything other than white roses! I didn’t know that you were allowed colours as a bride… I think this is the point of this series for me. I want to communicate that there are no rules when it comes to planning your wedding! When I got married, I definitely knew what I liked, but I thought there were certain things you just had to do in order to have a wedding. One was get married in a church. Another was having photographs somewhere where the backgrounds were nice, but at a place that didn’t mean anything to us. I think we just went there because it was pretty, and that’s where everyone else went! I always tell my clients, don’t worry too much about what is in the backgrounds because the photographs are about you, not the buildings. The light is always more important than a pretty background.

I thought I’d give you a peek at of some of the layouts in our album, and then a re-imagined insight below. I am so thankful that we invested in a beautiful Queensberry album. It gives me so much comfort to know that our favourite wedding photographs are contained in this special book, and not stuck on a DVD somewhere. I know this will be passed down through our family for hopefully many generations!

I have amazing memories of our special day, and truth be told…I wouldn’t change many things. Apart from nearly 4 hours of car travel! As I mentioned in the first post, I didn’t have much experience with weddings in 2008 when we got married…fast forward 5 years and I have been to, and photographed, hundreds of weddings! So here’s a glimpse of what I would plan now.

As I mentioned in the first post of this series, I would have all the celebrations at my parents property. I absolutely adore Lavender so it would be featuring strongly. I always think it’s nice to have a smell that reminds you of your wedding day, whether it’s a certain type of flower, or a new perfume.

I loved that we had a marquee. There are so many things you can do with a marquee, to make it completely unique. Set in a beautiful backdrop always helps too. I still love my wedding dress. It was made especially for me by a dressmaker in Remuera, Auckland. The only thing I think I would change is the fabric, to make it more floaty and have more room to breathe! I just adore these gorgeous Kate Spade shoes.   More lavender….and lavender Ice Cream!! I love these veils. There is something so dreamy and romantic about them, and the lace border is gorgeous. Image sources: Lace canopy | BHLDN, Lavender field, bride and groom | Jose Villa, Furniture in the field | Jose Villa, Lavender Collage | Style Me Pretty, Lavender Grooms | Jagger Photography via Style Me PrettyKT Merry, Lavender Cake | Rachel Havel, Flowers | Emma Wynn, Lavender ‘Yay’ Bags | KT Merry, Lavender Lemonade | Sunday Suppers, Marquee Tent | Jose Villa, Claire Pettibone Dress | Intique & Co, Kate Spade Glitter Shoes | Lisa Rigby, Lavender cushion | Dreamy Whites, Lavender wreath, hanging bottles | Burnetts Boards, Lavender on chair| Pictilio Lavender Icecream | Tartelette, Stationery | Kali Lu, Lace Veil | Fondly Forever, Lavender Ring Cushion | Jesse Leake

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