Nikita + Phil | Beloved

I adore beloved sessions. More than just engagements, Beloved is for any couple who are in love and want to celebrate their relationship. Nikita and Phil are getting married in New Zealand at Matakana next year, and they live in Melbourne. It worked out so perfectly for me to spend some time in Melbourne with them, just before I left for NZ! I’ve discovered Nikita has her own blog called Hungry Wardrobe (love the name) go check it out now, she is one seriously stylish lady! Nikita & Phil, I just loved spending time with you guys. I’m so excited for your wedding! xx  

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Just magic Kate! Truly beautiful! And yes! Beloved – am I well and truly hooked! x


Thanks so much Rachael! I just love Beloved sessions :) xx


We loved doing this session Kate, you made it so fun for us and the pictures are just amazing! We are so excited to do it all again on our wedding day!! Thanks for the blog plug as well, hope it can provide some fun fashion inspiration :) xx

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